S Series 13″


Affordable and user friendly, the S Series is the workhorse of your finishing department. These machines will inspect, edit, slit and rewind labels in one efficient step. With the addition of a single die station the S Series becomes a quick-change blank label diecutter. With a top running speed of 305 m/min (1000 fpm) on standard and filmic PS labels, the S Series does the overtime, not your operator.

Standard Features:

  • 0 3″ Unwind shaft, cantilevered
  • 0 28″ unwind, magnetic particle brake
  • Open loop unwind taper torque control
  • Ergonomic operator inspection area, designed for optional vision system
  • Servo driven draw roll; manual nip rolls
  • 0 10″ waste rewind, servo driven
  • Automatic web guide with edge sensor for opaque and clear materials
  • (2) splicing & editing tables, manual clamping
  • Length counter
  • Rotary shear slitter cartridge
  • 0 20″ (508mm) rewind, servo driven
  • 0 3″ Rewind shaft, flange mounted
  • Closed-loop rewind tension control
  • Operator-HM! with Job storage
  • Remote diagnostics via Ethernet

Performance Updates & Options:

  • 0 6″ Unwind airshaft adapter
  • 0 30″ Unwind capacity with roll lifter
  • LED Stroboscope
  • 100% Automatic vision system integration
  • Work-flow software integration
  • Razor slitter cartridge
  • Crush cut cartridge
  • Flag and splice detection
  • Ultrasonic label counter
  • Small rewind shafts 0 ¾” (19mm); 0 1″ (25.4mm)
  • 0 6″ (152mm) rewind core shaft adapter
  • Differential rewind shafts and controls
  • Blank label die cutting station

More Information

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