L Series 26″


Heavy Master roll lifting on Unwind capability, precise tension control and high speed defect placement allow one operator to Inspect, Edit, Slit and Rewind, both Film and PS labels, in one efficient step. With a top running speed of 2000 fpm, the L Series provides productivity and flexibility for the changing needs of your print shop.

Standard Features:

  • Ø 6” OD lightweight Unwind shaft, self-centering
  • Ø 40” OD unwind capacity with roll lifter for heavy rolls
  • Inspection area, for strobe or automatic vision system
  • Air actuated nip rolls
  • Overhead waste rewind, Ø10” OD capacity
  • Automatic web guide with ultrasonic edge sensor
  • Splicing & editing tables (2); both with Vacuum clamping & pneumatic web clamps
  • Programmable counter for footage, or label length units
  • 2-in-1 Rotary Shear and Razor slitter cartridge
  • Ø 24” Duplex Rewind; 3” flange mounted differential airshafts
  • Lay-On rollers for Gap and Contact
  • Labels in or labels out selection/ web in / web out
  • Operator feedback via HMI
  • Closed loop tension control on 3 Axes
  • Remote diagnostics via Ethernet
  • All 6-axes servo driven

Performance Updates & Options:

  • Cantilevered Ø 30” OD Unwind with lifter
  • Auxiliary web guide after Unwind to correct coned rolls
  • LED Stroboscope
  • Multiple Airshaft Sizes available, Unwind and Rewind
  • Vision system integration c/w auxiliary web guide
  • Work flow software integration
  • Line guide sensor
  • Ultrasonic label count sensor for PS labels
  • Score/Crush slitter cartridge
  • High Performance Rotary Shear Slitter cartridge with Class I Knives
  • Auto-positioning Rotary Shear Slitter cartridge
  • Flag or splice detection;
  • 100% automatic vision system integration
  • Static Elimination Package

More Information

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